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©kerjanc Lucijan Marija
(1900 - 1973)


Lucijan Marija ©kerjanc is a central figure in a meritorious generation of Slovenian composers who, with their works and pedagogical activity have established a professional musical creativeness in Slovenia. As a musician educated in Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, Paris and Basel, ©kerjanc was open-minded in his views and multifaceted in his work. He was a composer and an educator – he spent many years teaching composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and was also its Chancellor for a time. He was a pianist, conductor, music writer and director of the Slovenian Philhamonic Orchestra. However composition remained at the center of his prolific activity. He was not even twenty years old when, with his solo works, we first introduced himself to the Slovenian public as an artistic personality gifted with genuine creative enthusiasm. In a period of over half a century, he created an extensive opus of compositions in which we find all musical types: piano miniatures and solos meant for young people, solo and chamber works, concertos, symphonies, and a large scale cantata. Some of his works were the first of their kind ever to be written in Slovenian musical literature. The style of ©kerjanc's musical language is rooted in late romanticism; for a short while he was attracted to expressionism, which is a less known and less characteristic period of his development as a composer. A refined sense of the colouring of sound led him towards impressionism, and in relation to form he was a classicist. But, in his creativity each of these elements received a somewhat personal shade or tone. Most characteristic of his artistic temperament is the lyrical style of mostly dark tones, which is shown in melodic phrases and in the rich sonority of his music.
For his work as a composer he received a great deal of recognition. A number of times he received the Pre¹eren Award, the most prestigious national award for artistic achievement – the last occasion being in 1971 for his life's work. He also received the Austrian »Herder Award« and the French »Palmes académiques«. In 1949 he was elected a regular member of the Slovenian Academy of Art and Science.


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